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Question on upgrade cards.
Release notes state Rare and above upgrade cards will no longer be available in PVP and PVE, but we should get them from Adventure Map which I assume is the Tavern stories since the update is about Increasing Faction use.

Currently only the final two battles of any Faction give mythical upgrade cards. That makes ten Mythical Upgrades total. There are 38 different Mythical upgrades in the game.
Will the rewards be adjusted to make all Upgrades available in stories or will the only way to get the others be via LW and various Merchants?


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In order to include Fractions and their Tavern Stories more into the general game progression, we have adjusted the way Upgrades are distributed in the game. Rare and better Upgrade Cards can no longer be found in ordinary PvE or PvP battles, but on battles on your Adventure Map will help you earn them!
Also we can get only gray upgrades but not green/blue/lila/orange/yellow? Are developers lost their brain? You need press the button "farm" like lunatic, get 2-4 green/blue/lila/orange/yellow upgrades and wait for the next day. You make game more worse and boring.

Our design philosophy behind this is instead of winning "as many battles as you can" you should rather distribute your troops wisely and choose the actions that are meaningful for your army.
Boring philosophy. Designed for low active players which play only 30 minuts per day.
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Also we can get only gray upgrades but not green/blue/orange/yellow? Are developers lost their brain? You need press button farm like lunatic, 2-4 get green/blue/orange/yellow upgrades and wait for next day. You make game more worse and boring.

Boring philosophy. Designed for low active players which play only 30 minuts per day.
Totally agree. Making the game only about factions


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Could you please set up a second server with the original Warlords,
developed by Black Anvil Games. Then Players can decide which one
they prefer (and users with Android 4.1 & 4.2 can still play it).
This will also show how you destroyed the original idea behind the

|| Wilhelm has said before that "something has gone
|| wrong somehow" with games that feature autoplay.


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The idea of making farming more profitable than battling pve and pvp is baffling to say the least. Why don't you just admit that whole faction thing wasn't that great of the idea. It was fun for a few weeks, now there's only farming left. Taking away the higher upgrades from pvp and pve battles adds nothing to faction, really. We will still farm like we did before the change, so what's the point?
I wish that you guys focused more on things like introducing new area of the map as you promised (yes, it will SOON be year) instead of making this superficial changes that add nothing to the game.


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As maxed player I have zero use for upgrades, except selling them for gold. But for players not maxed out, this update seems awful.

Also, where do I find the "like" button in new forum?????


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Wow that was the worst idea ever! You’re really putting your back to it to make the game less enjoyable for hardcore players.
Here are some other great ideas;
Let the LW come once / day!
Why spawn PvP twice? All ten at once please!
That way we can just farm and battle all PvP and be done in 30 min! Great!

I can say that the activity in our chat has gone down day by day, there is simply not enough encouragement to log in often anymore. People do the quests and some PvP and be done in 30 min.
Before there was always friendly banter now its just... empty :(
This wont help


PvP and PvE battles still show "common to mythical" item as a potential reward in the pre-battle screen. Obviously this needs to be updated


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Not only you guys changed the rewards to lower selling value parts, you no longer give 2 items for 3 and 4 skull fights.

Instead of coming up with newer things for people to do, you want to stall the speed of progress of people by doing this. Overall many people can feel that this update has only one intention. Making money for you guys.


I just find it interesting that the developers don’t like the way we are playing the game that they designed be played the way people are playing it; so they’re changing it, so the the players can’t play it the way that they like to play it. Somehow that’s twisted logic.

My only constructive comment is to roll this back. I can’t think of anything positive to say about this, and apparently no can anyone else, but I’m sure it will be ignored. It would be nice if someone from the developers responded to all of these comments, but I assume it will be situation Norma’s and they will just blow off the feedback. My question is why even ask for it if they really don’t care?

So I guess that is another constructive comment, the developers should do a better job of responding to user feedback.


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I appreciate Innogames efforts to keep this game alive and do some adjustments finally. As you can see it has a lot of hardcore fans. At the same time, it's hard for me to understand this lack of direction. You've added the strongholds, but became just a side distraction. This could easily be tweaked with leaderboards (weekly, per levels, say one board for level 1 to 5 etc.). But no, let's invest time in developing new units, new areas on top of what was there before, and after releasing first half, leave the other part covered in mist. We have another idea, Alliances. Awesome idea, let's collect feedback on how to improve it and invest time in developing a new feature - alliance missions. Once that is done, no time to tweak it, we're doing factions, where you have a bit of fun couple weeks, then it turns to be just farming...
You can see I've not complained about the fact that almost all of these are not interesting for end-game players.


I don't need upgrades anymore other than selling them so I'm like whatever, but this seems like one of the worst ideas ever and totally random as well.
Why would you even do that? It accomplishes nothing other than annoying already bored fanbase.
The whole faction idea (even though with potential) is a failure for end gamers. After a couple of weeks of storming through low-level battles, you end up just pressing a button every few hours...What would be much better than factions (though similar) is a monthly/weekly resetting continent with random biome shires and enemies. Make it growing difficulty and really hard to complete, but EXACLTY SAME for everyone at warlord 23. Use energy for it like with faction so people can't close-app-cheat, award points for completing battles and you have a cracking end game leaderboard where people can compete over week or month or whatever. Can even force team setups like in factions, but instead of totally pointless factions you give people an actual end game and reason to play. Upgrade your shit and try to go as far as you can in the new continent and compete with others on fairgrounds.

It's not hard to do as its just reusing content and can make energy purchasable so it will make money. People love to pay for going higher on leaderboards. Just make a wee icon so you know who paid for energy and who didn't