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I'm inspired by Thunder in the beginning (and now a few more other warlords) so I thought I'll start a new topic of how some of us that wanted to build powerful armies rather than just winning trophies. This game has to be more than just winning trophies for so many of the veteran warlords to stay on.

The title refer to my desire and maybe other warlords who want to build an armies to rival those of you that has powerful regiments.

On this thread, I'm hoping those of you that want to join in will talk about the positive aspect of the game, the good, the bad and the ugly of each regiments, share some amusing encounter on the battlefield and showing off our newly promoted regiments.

For the first time ever, I've felt comfortable joining a forum to talk about my gaming experiences. I always thought that with my average tactical skill, I don't have much to contribute. Imagine my surprise when I started to go up in rank in all time top 50 (mainly due to luck!) and some of you actually reading my post here. Thank you very much for listening to the prattles of a "gossiping grandma".

For those of you who wants more out of Warlords, especially the newbies, please also look at the following threads.
1. "Acronyms + Helpful Links" by Anton Amby.
2. "Tips and Tricks for Advance Players" by Korayl.

Happy warlording!!
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Inspired by Warlord Korayl. Here's my regiments on their way to 5*.

First Rank 5* (excess trophies/XP)
Rough Riders (71/69175533)
Riders of Torga (73/35868172)
Free Knights (70/20183591)
Savant Mages (47/668366568)
Forbidden Mages (27/35766206)
Maiden's Faeries (6/35992045)
(15 from top 10 finish)
Lela's Archer (34/68903042)
Caenfort Archers (52/38437135)
League's Crossbows (3/20692293)
Dewport Guards (16/22844152)
King's Guard (53/32579893)
Royal Pikes 9 (14/50141364)
(15 from top 10 finish)
Pikes of Xataka (45/49734354)

Future Planned 5*

I have unlock all 5 orc regiments but not upgrading any of them. I'm slowly upgrading the Faeries, Knights and Crossbows. Still not upgrading TPB because the cost of 3k gold volunteer.

My plan is to get the first 10 regiments to at least 4* first before I promote another regiment.

Have managed to get all my 10 main regiments into Gold Level. All of them have completed upgrade set up to their level.

Got lucky to get the 100th shard for my Savant Mages on the 6th LW battle. Raised my AP to near 4000k. Hopefully that'll give some of the top gamers one more easy 2 skull battle in PvP.

Have finally managed to get my Dewport Guards up to 4*. A big increase in AP as well. Gonna get the Caenfort Archers shard through BI and the PoX shard through LW.

PoX finally made it into the 4* club. Using my RR to take LW now. Got 1 in 4 attempts so far.

Getting the RR's shard is hard work. May need to use the BI to get the last few after I get CA up to 4*.

CA is finally 4*. Getting shard for RR through LW is too few and far between for me. The computer's dice roll is not going my way. I think I got about 5 or 6 in 30 LW battles.

Have decided to give MF a go after taking some advise from some of you on board. May also give TPB a go if I can get him up to 3*.

Last of my main regiment KG still need 4 shards to go 4*. Have started to get shard from BI for my SM.

FINALLY, all my 10 original regiments are rated 4*. Unfortunately, not all are fully upgraded yet.

Upgrading MF whenever I've a bit of extra gold. At the moment, I'm getting SM to 5* follow by LA and then MF to 4*.

All 10 original regiments are at lvl 23. FM is close to lvl 23. LA is getting close to 5*. I'll upgrade MF to 4* follow by FK to 4* then RP to 5*.

Slight change in plan, upgrading MF to 4* then FK to 4* and then getting the rest of original 7 regiments to 5* as evenly as possible. Gonna be using LW to collect about 10 shards at a time for the 7 regiments. Still not sure about how to fit LC into the plan yet.

Finally, I've equipped TPB and all orc regiments with common, uncommon and rare upgrades except number of units. LC still have 15 levels of upgrades to equip and FK have 1 more level to go.

I've applied all upgrades and items to my 12 top regiments. Not upgrading LC epic armour till he's 4*. Trying to get more shards for my guards but it's tough going. Started to stockpiling gold and have close to a modest 400k at the moment.

Managed to collect 500k+ of gold for the first time. Grind and MORE grind for me.

Have got 14 regiments to lvl 23 with only LC still on 3* & TPB on 2*. Trying to get shards equally for 7 regiments is hard work. I've also equipped all orc regiments with epic upgrades.

Finally all remaining 7 original regiments have less than 50 shards to go 5*.

RoT is 5* but have not upgrade him yet. The remaining 6 regiments have 30 or less shards to go.

Finally managed to get the last 6 original regiments to have 10 or less shards to go 5*.

All 10 original regiments are at 5*. The task now is to get MF, FK & LC up to 5*. Probably another 2 or 3 months of grinding.

Need to get less than 30 shards per regiment for MF, LC & FK. Increasing found that FK is very effective against non-polearm regiments on clear ground. Can't wait to see how much FK can do when it gets to 5*.

Less than 15 shards each to get for MF, FK & LC. Hope to get it done before updates.

Have 13 regiments at 5*. Still need to upgrade items. After studying all abilities of ogre/orc regiments, I've decided to bring TB and DT to 5* if and when I get the MOTIVATION to do so.

For me, it's the END of the ROAD for the time being until new updates and contents are released by InnoGames.
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This post is to let other warlords knows the approximate number of battles or rewards to farm shards to move from 4* to 5*.

SM road to 5*.

LW01--2. LW02--3. LW03--1. LW04--0. LW05--3FM. LW06--1. LW07--0. LW08--0.
LW09--0. LW10--0. LW11--1. LW12--0.
LW13--0. LW14--0. LW15--0. LW16--0.
LW17--2. LW18--0. LW19--3. LW20--0.
LW21--0. LW22--0. LW23--2. LW24--3.
LW25--0. LW26--2. LW27--3. LW28--2.
LW29--2. LW30--0. LW31--0. LW32--0.
LW33--0. LW34--0. LW35--1. LW36--0.
LW37--3. LW38--0. LW39--0. LW40--0.
LW41--0. LW42--0. LW43--0. LW44--0.
LW45--0. LW46--3. LW47--0. LW48--0.
LW49--1. LW50--0. LW51--0. LW52--2.
LW53--1FM. LW54--0. LW55--0. LW56--0.
LW57--2. LW58--0. LW59--0. LW60--0.
LW61--2. LW62--0. LW63--1FM. LW64--3.
LW65--0. LW66--0. LW67--0. LW68--0.
LW69--2. LW70--3FM. LW71--3. LW72--0.
LW73--2. LW74--0. LW75--0. LW76--1.
LW77--3FM. LW78--2. LW79--0. LW80--2.
LW81--0. LW82--0. LW83--0. LW84--0.
LW85--0. LW86--0. LW87--0. LW88--0.
LW89--0. LW90--2. LW91--1. LW92--3.
LW93--1FM. LW94--0. LW95--0. LW96--3.
LW97--2FM. LW98--0. LW99--0.
LW100--2FM. LW101--2FM. LW102--0.
LW103--0. LW104--0. LW105--0. LW106--0. LW107--3FM. LW108--1. LW109--0.
LW110--0. LW111--1FM. LW112--0.
LW113--1. LW114--0. LW115--0. LW116--3. LW117--3. LW118--0. LW119--1. LW120--3.
LW121--0. LW122--3. LW123--0. LW124--0.
LW125--0. LW126--0. LW127--3. LW128--1.
LW129--0. LW130--3FM. LW131--1.

DR--9. PvP--2. PvE--3. Merchant--6. BI--3. SS--1.

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I thought I give my version of what it's like to be a TRUE PW.

1. Take as little short cuts as possible to the top.
2. Have the tendency to NOT using the reset button and left the regiments in full recovery mode.
3. MAX OUT every main regiments.
4. ALWAYS short on gold.
5. Shards hunting is the MAIN game.
6. Went ABSOLUTELY BONKERS with first 5* regiment and 2nd and 3rd....
7. Thumb our nose at TH.
8. Too damn STUPID & LAZY to gear up or down.
9. Close quarter combat is the name of the game.
10. Will try to win PvP at ANY COST.

Anton Amby
1. Have as many 5* regiments as possible.
2. Got to have perfect equipments.


PS. Contributions are MOST welcome.


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Approaching 10×5* regiments, I found myself contemplating my own END GAME. I suppose some of the questions below need a positive response by me for continuing my warlording way.

1. Will there ever be an update to Warlords??!!
2. Will I be willing to upgrade MF, FK & LC to 5*?
3. Do I want to equip all 5* regiments with the best items (30% CC weapon, pure defense armour and pure offense banner)?
4. Do I want to have the dubious honour of being the only warlord that has 1* fully upgraded lvl 23 orc regiment?
5. Do I want to see if I can face down 5x10k+ units orc regiments in a 4S PvE?
6. Do I want to see if I can go through a whole season with CV ONLY??!!
7. Is Warlords still the ONE and ONLY game out there for me?
8. Do I want to be the first warlord to own 19×lvl 23 regiments?
9. Do I want to try to break the 1k trophies barrier in a single season?

IMHO and as far as I know, only Thunder and Jesper (semi-retire) have left Warlords with no regrets. I wanted to follow in their footsteps and left with no regrets. Warlords maybe ONLY a computer game but it has left a positive influence in my life and furthermore, this forum and the warlords that inhabits it have been good to me. It's only fair that I left in good faith.

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IMHO and as far as I know, only Thunder and Jesper have left Warlords with no regrets.
I'm still around. I was waiting for the restart and now look forward to try out the new PvP system.


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My DS just achieved the status of 1* rank 23 regiment with all upgrades applied and only have level 1 uncommon items. I got the screenshot to prove it but can't upload it here.

It'll be interesting to see what happen to it when the game's update is applied.
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Season of the Gnome, 14 days.

1.5 days netted me 74T, 24×3T and 1×2T. Still no 3S/4S.

2 warlord newbies in season top 10. Hopefully this mean gamers are taking note of the a BREATH of NEW LIFE being injected into Warlords.


If I can get myself into season top 50 then we'll have 3 warlords in AP top 10 in this season top 50. It has not happen for a while.

Missing a lot of 2 hours respawn. About 30T adrift from 50th placing. Will not make it into top 50 this season.

Managed to warlording more in the last 2 days and got into top 50. May get another 3 PvP in the last dying minutes. Will see if I stay in top 50.

SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! Managed to hold on to rank 48. However, the reward of 10 CA are NOT what I nèed.
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It looks like Jesper is playing PvP again even though new changes are not implemented yet! Warming up ;)?
Just warming up. I had sold all low level items so I cannot do gear shifting yet.
But I also got rusty and need to retrain lots of maps, too.


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If I can get myself into season top 50 then we'll have 3 warlords in AP top 10 in this season top 50. It has not happen for a while.
Doing my best atm to hit top50 by AP, ~7.6mil AP so far (and even been there yesterday morning for hour or 2 when migration started), but back to 85th place after all veteran PS players logged :(
Looking at other 4**** star forces in top 50 - pretty sure I can pump my AP to 10-12mil right now by applying +HP regiment upgrades, but it will screw my army, so prefer to do it in slower and longer way.
Hope another 300-400 shards and 5-6 weeks will be enough to reach ~10mil AP and join top50 :rolleyes:


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For those of you who wants more out of Warlords, especially the newbies, please also look at the following threads.
1. "I was a fool because I spent money on this game" by Chanson the Roland.
2. "Preparing for next season" by Lylien.
3. "Acronyms + Helpful Links" by Anton Amby.
4. "Tips and Tricks for Advance Players" by Korayl.
I'm hoping that the above thread will be ported over here to the new forum by the authors.
Do you have the links (maybe in pm) ? :)
Thanks to share your experience.


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Do you have the links (maybe in pm) ? :)
Thanks to share your experience.
First of all, thank you to @NashHero for replying to the query.

The post by Chanson the Roland is about the difference path of TH and PS army development, Lylien's post is about how to optimise the season start to acquire maximum trophies and Korayl's post is a break down of the 10 original regiments.

I was hoping the original authors would port them over to this forum as I think I've used up all my favours with Bruthor for asking him to port over Thunder's post.

Those posts are related to the current version of Warlords and I'm not sure it would apply to future versions.

Hopefully, with the help of other warlords, we can edit those info to gel with the upcoming versions.


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Below is an extract of my reply to some queries in the post by Chanson the Roland. The info I presented comes from a lot of other warlord as well, eg Thunder, Jesper, Korayl and WW3 to name just a few.

Spending money in Warlords to get diamonds is not the problem but what & how you spend that diamonds is. You'll find that most warlords will agree that the best value is to buy Imperial Ship with your diamonds.

As I've said to all newbies, you'll need to decide what you want: TROPHIES or POWER. These two paths are mutually exclusive for a newbies. You need to choose one because the ways you develop your army will depends solely on which path you choose. I'll outline briefly what you need to do for each path below.

TROPHIES: You ONLY need to upgrade 2 or 3 regiments. Most warlords who choose this path seems to favour mages, archers and cavalry combination. You'll need to upgrade them more or less equally, ie make sure they are at the same * level. Upgrade the banner ONLY to maximise your offence IF necessary. Upgrade ONLY your regiments units number, recovery time, bonus damage, gold earning, XP gain & MAYBE damage. Lesterio's army is one of the best example of what Trophies Hunter army should be. The battles matchup is based on your best 5 regiments so if you keep the rest of your regiments very weak then you'll get weaker opponents where your 2 or 3 strong regiments will be able to crush them easily. You'll get tons of trophies. In my opinion, the down side is you don't get a lot of challenging battles and it may get a bit boring at times because there's no risk of losing a battle anymore.

POWER: Very simple. Upgrade to the MAX of every regiments to the limit of your gold earning. You'll get a lot of VERY challenging battles that require a lot of planning & tactical skill. You'll win the majority of them, reroll the rest and whooping with joy at winning a particular NASTY battle. You'll get to use different combination of regiments to see if you have the skill to win battles with the weakest combination of regiments. The downside is that you'll have a very tough time in hunting for trophies. Have a look at the army power top 50 list and you'll find that there's only about 8 to 10 of us in season's top 50.

Here's my take on competing successfully in season especially if you want a top 10 placing.
1. You got to prepare to sacrifice a lot if not all of your daily free time.
2. Lets say 5.75 hours sleep, that'll give you 5 PvP when you wake up. Let's also assume you'll need no more than 2 hours per day to go through all PvP battles. This'll give you minimum total of 29 PvP per day. You'll need to win 80% to 90% of those with CV to compete in season top 10. Hopefully majority of PvP will be 3S and 4S.
3. You'll need to reroll all 1S/2S PvP and hope for 3S/4S.
4. Clearing the PvP daily is not a priority until the last second on the last day. Here's WHY. As long as you've less than 13 PvP on the map and you clear one PvP every 2 hours for the next 8 hours, you'll still get a 3×PvP respawn every 2 hours. This means that you can keep most if not all of those 1S/2S reroll that did not give you a 3S/4S to reroll again every 24 hours to get what you want till the last hour of last day of season. My best guess is that you'll need a minimum of 25 PvP battles per day to stay in top 10. You can do it with less if you've excellent tactical skill.

The maximum number of accumulated PvP is 22. That'll be the number you aim for at the start of every season and also the number of unclear PvP you MUST NOT exceed daily during season. Try to clear or reroll all the 1S/2S and keep all the 3S/4S in the off season.

Using items swapping to get 3S/4S PvP is not my forte. Warlords Svetkavitsa, Candle and Lesterio are the leading expert in this field IMHO.

Hope this is somewhat helpful to newbies warlord.:):):)
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I must have cross over some sort of AP threshold because suddenly my LW battles got NASTY. A few more 3S and tough 2S LW have suddenly appear regularly whereas before I'll be LUCKY to see about 2/3 in 100 LW battles.


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Doing my best atm to hit top50 by AP, ~7.6mil AP so far (and even been there yesterday morning for hour or 2 when migration started)...
Hello @Candle.

You've been fielding your PS army a lot lately. Is it because it's so much MORE challenging and interesting warlording with it than your TH army version?;);)