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NEWS Warlords: A Look Into the Future

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bruthor, Jun 12, 2017.

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  1. Bruthor

    Bruthor Lead Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 8, 2017
    Dear Warlords!

    A dedicated development team located directly in our Hamburg headquarters is currently working on getting your favorite game ready for its re-release as an InnoGames title. I want to take a moment and explain what we have planned for Warlords very soon.

    At the end of June, we will start with the technical re-launch, which is basically a re-release of the game with our own backend. All your progress will be migrated over to our own databases and nothing will be lost! Once the technical shenanigans are out of the way, we will release our first content update for Warlords the same month! We are very keen on getting your feedback on our planned changes and additions to the game.

    Warlord Level

    The team has played the game extensively since it’s been originally released by Wooga. We have been fans from day 1 and really love the game! But we have also examined some aspects of the game that we consider less fun. The biggest issue we had was that a lot of us leveled their favorite 2-3 regiments and discarded all the rest as it has been the most efficient way to play the game.

    To change the progression experience and counter the current flaw in design we will introduce the Warlord Level. This will essentially track your overall progression based on regiment upgrades. Regiment upgrades grant Warlord XP. Once you have earned enough Warlord XP to fill up your current level progression, you will increase your Warlord Level.

    All regiment ranks will be capped at your current Warlord Level. This way the game has a healthier progression flow and you will have the opportunity to explore new regiments instead of always trying to improve your most used 2-3 regiments. We feel there should be motivation in ranking up newly unlocked regiments for more diversity in your game experience. This way you can level any regiment you want without losing your efficiency. Your unit choices matter and more diverse strategies will emerge.

    Furthermore, with every earned Warlord Level you will also receive free diamonds!


    As mentioned before, with the current system it is most efficient to simply rank up one regiment until you hit a wall, then start improving another one, and later maybe an additional third regiment. Stronger regiments are used in combat as the weaker ones usually get eliminated too quickly or simply are not strong enough to deal serious damage. Stronger regiments also gain more rewards than weaker ones as those are usually the ones dealing the killing blow, and thus gain more XP.

    We want to improve this situation in multiple ways.
    1. We will also adjust the army power formula, so that having 1 powerful regiment will not be more efficient than ranking up your regiments in parallel. This will add diversity to your gameplay experience.
    2. We do believe in a healthy game progression. Regiments should not be excluded from this philosophy and will get their rank and power curves smoothed out. The rock-paper-scissors system will have an impact even if your regiment is facing an opponent that is a few ranks above.
    3. XP gained at the end of a battle will now be shared equally across all regiments that have participated in this fight. This will align the goals of healthy progression, army diversity, and the team spirit of your forces. Regiment choices should matter and the composition of your army should be based on enemy types and terrain rather than simply picking the regiments with the highest level.
    4. XP and rewards gained from the Sky Arch is now based on your Warlord Level instead of regiment ranks. This way you can keep your strongest forces for combat, while sending weaker regiments to the Sky Arch to gain more XP and keep up with the rest of your forces.
    5. There will be 3 upgrade sets for every regiment rank until level 23. We are still finalizing the exact numbers and upgrades, but we want to offer more options.
    6. Items will no longer be bound to the star rating of your regiments. Stars are currently too meaningful in comparison to normal regiment ranks. Stars significantly increase a regiment’s power and unlock equipment boosts as well, while ranking up a regiment feels less rewarding in comparison. We want to smoothen this out and will now bind equipment unlocks to regiment ranks instead. This way we can also match the colored rarity frames of items to the rank frames of regiments, which will make it easier to understand what relates to each other.

    Account Migration

    The changes introduced in this announcement will require a migration from the old system to the new one. I don’t want to bore you with all the technical details, but I’d rather highlight the more interesting issue: What will happen with your accounts?

    As I mentioned earlier in this post, you will not lose any progression! However, there will be significant changes. We will calculate your Warlord Level based on all your regiment upgrades. In a lot of cases your Warlord Level will be lower than your high-rank regiments, in which case we will reduce the regiment ranks to match your Warlord level. XP is not lost though, we will give you XP potions worth the value we had to subtract from your affected regiments. You can choose to spend these freely. We will change some upgrade card rarities and items that are connected to your regiments and put them into your inventory. All the gold you have spent for equipping upgrades will be fully reimbursed based on previous upgrade costs. Upgrades that are not valid for the readjusted regiment ranks will be put into your inventory again. If an upgrade card rarity changes, you will get refunded the gold cost difference for equipping it. Simply put, you will not lose a single thing and can reapply everything to your liking based on the new progression rules.

    As you will receive your personal Warlords Level once the migration is completed, you will also receive Diamonds for every level-up!

    If you want to prepare for the system change and not ‘lose’ too many ranks of your best regiments, we strongly advise you to start ranking up your weaker regiments now. I have used the term ‘losing’, but of course, no progress is lost, everything will be converted to the new system instead, which will just look different at the start. It will make a lot more sense once you see it in action and get used to it.

    We believe these changes will provide a better game experience for both new and veteran players and we are sure you will agree. Please leave your feedback about the Warlord Level, rebalancing and account migration in this thread. Ask questions, and raise concerns, as your opinion means a lot to us! Let us elevate Warlords to the next level together!


    New Boss: Drrakha

    Of course, the changes mentioned before are not everything we are currently working on. After our technical re-launch, we have planned to release a bigger content update a few weeks after. In this content update we will breathe new life into Drrakha and he will become available as a boss in a new point of interest on your map. Drrakha can drop his own shards when defeated, and he is also likely to drop shards for a brand-new regiment called Abel.

    We will release more detailed information on this as we get closer to the content update, but please use this thread to speculate, theorycraft and discuss anything related to the Drrakha Boss update.

    PvP Changes

    Looking further into the future, we are also preparing changes to the PvP feature. In the current system players get rewarded for activity. Generally, we think this is good, however not competitive enough. When facing off in an arena fight you will no longer be matched against players with similar strength, but similar trophy value instead. Winning fights will still earn you trophies, losing however will now also cause a loss of throphies. The balancing changes I have discussed earlier in this post are the foundation for this feature to work properly. The PvP changes are currently being finalized, as soon as it’s getting into proper shape, I will share more information with you. Please use this thread to share your opinion about the upcoming PvP feature.

    We are looking forward to re-launching Warlords and keep supporting it for many years to come!

    Yours sincerely,

    Bruthor on behalf of the entire Warlords team at InnoGames

    Feedback thread reminders:
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