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NEWS Warlords Level - Survival Guide

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bruthor, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Bruthor

    Bruthor Lead Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 8, 2017
    Greetings Warlords!

    We are getting closer to the long awaited content update. We'd like to take a moment and present a few options for you, so you can prepare for the migration to the new Warlord Level feature.

    Applying Upgrades

    • Some of you are used to their strongest 5 or so regiments. If you want to keep your strongest regiments on a high rank it is recommended to apply as many upgrades as possible, even on regiments you don't plan to use in the future.
      • High rank regiments may still lose ranks, because we will provide a lot of new upgrades and upgrade sets which you can’t collect before the new content update. These are needed to achieve the highest ranks.
    • Other players might want to use this opportunity and finally play regiments in their collection that never got any use so far. If you want to have a fresh start with completely different regiments you own, you should not apply any upgrades until the migration to the Warlord Level. Once that is live you can rank up and upgrade other regiments instead of your current ones with high ranks.
      • This way you will get a lot of upgrades, gold and XP (potions) back and can choose new regiments which you weren’t able to use in battle before due to their low rank.

    Upgrades in Your Inventory
    • You might consider selling surplus upgrades from your inventory, as some of them will be reduced in rarity and wield less resell value after the migration.
    • However, as there will be new upgrade sets that require old upgrades as well as new ones, you should keep some of the old ones to be on the safe side:
      • 50 of each damage and hit points upgrade will be enough,
      • 150 for volunteers (soldier) upgrades.

    • Do not sell items for now, as their rarity (and resell value) will NOT be reduced. You can sell them after the migration for the same gold if you don’t need them anymore.
    • In future, items will require a specific regiment rank instead of star level to equip them. You might not be able to equip mythical items (weapons and banners with a yellow frame) right away, so you should consider keeping legendary items (orange frame) as a possible substitute.

    • Gathered experience above rank 23 will be cut and not paid out.
      • To increase the amount of XP potions for your payout, you may consider gathering XP with regiments that have not achieved rank 23 yet.
    • XP potions will wield more XP after the migration (about 5 times as much), so you will most likely want to save them until the content update is live.
      • Also, applying XP potions will not cost any gold after the migration. This is another reason to wait until then (even though that was quite cheap to begin with anyway).

    If you have any questions or comment about this, please join this feedback thread.
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