Where to get EXP for non-top regiment in your army.


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My current level is 19. My top5 regiments are also at level 19, however, the rest of them have levels less than 15.

Since the story is done, my sources of EXP are
1. Strongholds --> a lot
2. Sky Arch --> very little
3. Potion --> very little

As Strongholds' difficulty is getting higher every single day, only my top5 regiments can get EXP from the strongholds.

My question is what should be the main source of EXP for the non-top regiments?

Thanks for the suggestions.


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Epic XP potion is not a litle. 10 epic potion give you 1 mio XP (from 22 to 23WL need 30 potion)

You need farm fraction with cheapest energy and epic bottle. To farm per round increse chance get potion than farm in once.
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Marcus Pitt

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Mix your weaker regiments into the early stronghold battles. They can often complete the first few levels with minimal damage without using any big hitters, then blend in a few more powerful units in later battles until you get to the stage where only the strongest can do it.


I think its just random
I have been developing games myselve. Nothing is random, but droprates are set. I know of no game that works otherwise. Degressive droprates, moah...I cannot think of a reason why one should code that into the software. Far too cumbersome and engineers are usually lazy...:)