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where's my points

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Diandra, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Diandra

    Diandra New Member

    Feb 19, 2019
    So I downloaded this app , I've ran and opened this app, and I even set up an account for this app . now this is the second time that I've downloaded this app . because all it states is that the app has to be downloaded and you have to run the app in order to get your points. But that doesn't seem to be the truth because the first time I played and played the game and never got my points. Now here I am making accounts and stuff and still have yet to receive my points . what a joke this is.
  2. Chiri

    Chiri Community Manager Staff Member

    Jun 25, 2017
    I do not fully understand what you mean with the points you are missing, I may guess this comes from an external offer where you get X reward by playing Warlords of Aternum. Usually these offers contain a referrer link which redirects you to download the App therefore in order to obtain the promised reward you must downloand the App using the provided link, not with the store.