Why did my thread get deleted?


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The topic was: “Getting Boring??”

I asked a couple of questions, and these question raised some more a long the way.
I saw ppl also reacted on the topic, and had the same feeling, but with ideas and suggestions.

I myself also had some, but really......

Why was that tread deleted by the administrator???
Or is it only me, who cant find the tread anywhere?

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I think this are quite different topics. One is a opinion about the game version. The second is the opening of a topic to explicitly brought a problem on the table.

If i personally look in my alliance all maxed player are fighting with motivation and some of them left, because they have no real target. Even if critics are hard there should be listened to it.

By the way there are a lot of things really good. Combined with the experience of players there could be an additonal success


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That's really weird, I'll try to find out what happened, feel free to open a new one, I'm really sorry for that.

We never delete threads because we don't like the content (if it follows the rules). Never did and we'll never do it :)

Update: I've just found it in our logs, it's been deleted during a spam cleaning session. I'll make sure this won't happen again.


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Yes, it's been deleted. I've seen the thread before, there were some discussions in the post.


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I saw this thread too. Its about that top players have just farming pvp and bored. Primer wrote a idea include stronghold in fraction