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WLI misses you. Hope you are well and having fun playing other games. Desert finally opened and new regiment is very useful when upgraded to 2 star.
Hi Chaos, Can you let me back into the alliance please. I've been trying to get in for a week now.
Revolutionary Heroes (RHero) are hiring. Be part of an awesome alliance and apply in game. We get Mythical every week and have a chatty and helpful group of warlords standing by for every question you have. We are in the top 50 at the moment and we are looking up, are you coming to help us and yourself?

Примем в свою банду мега активных игроков 20k+
We are looking for mega active ppl 20k+
может быть ради интереса попробую у вас провести недельку. ждите сегодня после окончания сезона... * кораблик у меня миф.с собой и так уже
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Hehe, I hope players start asking for cash back. To send a message! Killrod would break that bank :D I have however still never spent a single dime, dollar, euro. Got enough ingots and gold for my years of constant forging to bring me to no 2 in AP.
Send a request in WoA, we are warlords international WLI, ranked 4 if you click the alliance HQ and look at alliance ranking. Welcome to wli
Than you, will do.
If you hurry and do it in 10 minutes you may get this weeks quest ship....
Ok thanks. I just sent request in game.
WLI are searching for active players. AP does not matter, if you are active in chat, friendly and quest hard to reach myth ship - send a request to WLI, we are at spot number 4 in the alliance AP ranking.
Owain, please do not leave game in anger. Then you just let the money grabbing bastard bosses at Innogames win. I truly believe the devs want to develop fun, free to play content for us, but are forced to monetize.
I have deleted. I will monitor the forums for a week or two, to decide if enough has been done to return. But honestly, the game was already a drag (JJ event apart). The drop in damage is fundamentally flawed. I play the game in breaks in work, and a few minutes here and there at home. This new system requires hours and hours a day, to gain almost no benefit.
The arrogance from the devs thinking a few weaselly words about "listening" and "probably change" will pacify us. Not me. There are other games, Inno games has been looking to milk WoA for a while now, and this change for me, has removed much of the enjoyment. Needing to select both the best units and best kit, made the strategy fun.
Yeah, they have only done money grabbing updates for 1,5 years. With the enormous complaints over this, they must give us new content. But if 1 more money grab update comes along, I will quit too.
Hi, I just saw your offer in the forum. Not sure how much space you have but we had 19 players with 900-1080 points, and 26 with 500+. I'm not sure how many would ultimately join your alliance, and a couple are talking about deleting the app after the game changes. Anyway, let me know, I'd much rather be in a bigger alliance with better rewards since I'm scoring 1080 every week so far.
Ok, right now I have another alliance that had replied first but they want to wait until next Monday. If something happens there and it doesn’t work, I can boot enough low performing members in my alliance to take 25 of yours. That would leave us with a really strong 50. I’ll send you a message either way next Monday. Thanks for response.
Sounds good, I'll check back...
Haĺo,ich habe einen bogenschützen gekauft und keine Edelsteine bekommen,,ich habe vor 2 Tagen eine Truhe gekauft dann was das Internet weg ,,nichts erhalten.. bekomme ich das zurück??????
Hi mate,
did you applied as a Somnombulist? Because if you did not, I cannot see you application. In that case, pls, send it again, or just join us, alliance is now open.
Thanks, Fikus
Arcturus, I lost my game!! Not on purpose. I’m an idiot. Hope you see this...trying to recover old game, otherwise starting from scratch. Please let back when I can get into Alliance Center.
Duivel...the stupid.