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Hi Primer, i just want to say that my phone is dead +- i will buy a new one in black Friday i think so till than i cant play the game..

just want you to know .

have a good day and good luck
Current alliance leader for Texas Strong (TxStr)
Me and a friend are looking for a new alliance. Ours won't kick out players that score 0 in eastgate. He and I are constantly at 900 if not 1080 every week. I'm fairly new only been playing a couple months, he's been playing alot longer and way more powerful. My power is only 260 but his is 5086. Any chance we could join your alliance
I know we have a long time member leaving game after this week. Not sure if any others yet. All are hitting minimum score so far and we are well over halfway to 19th mythical ships in a row this week. We have no problem with lower level members. I'll keep you updated this Sunday
Looking for an active guild, I'm about to be lv 19, and my total power is almost at 2500, I want a guild who wins ship chest
Примем в свою банду мега активных игроков
We are looking for mega active members
Чёрный Рыцарь, у нас одно свободное место, одно забито под Чародейку. Просьба без согласования с SATIR объявления не делать. Сейчас острой необходимости в новых бойцах нема, найти нас легко, т.к. мы в сотне. Объяву держу открытой на всякий случай)
Did same thing, usually game center saves data, no clue why it didnt with this game.
Because I can't log in to the game. I reinstalled it. Then the progress disappeared. The original level 22 becomes 1.
Hey manatee
This is Crysta
I updated the game and can’t load it
Others have reported that too—devs say they’re on it